Talking about death is often difficult, however pre-planning can make a difficult time much easier for your family. 
There are many different reasons for pre-arranging a funeral:

  • Some people, especially those who are alone in the world, may want the assurance of a funeral and burial which meets their beliefs, standards or life-style.
  • Others feel a responsibility to assist survivors by setting the budget for their funeral and burial.
  • Still others might have moved to distant places or maintain both summer and winter residences. They want to determine where the funeral and burial will take place.

Actually, there are almost as many reasons for pre-arranging ones funeral as there are people requesting them.

In planning your funeral, be sure to consult the family and friends who will be affected by your death. Permitting them to assist in making arrangements serves as a healthy outlet for their grief and anxiety. It gives them the privilege of performing a last act of recognition, honor and respect for you. There are additional benefits to discussing the subject of death openly. The family is afforded an opportunity to mutually share their thoughts about its important considerations. Mental health is never sustained by the denial of death, but by the frank acknowledgement of this reality of life. 

We have a pre-arrangement information sheet on our web site which you can use. I can discuss all necessary details with you. Once the pre-arrangement is completed, you will notify a responsible person about your plan and where it may be found. If you would like, I will supply additional copies for them.

Funeral Expenses
By understanding the parts involved in the funeral planning, we can help you choose the options that suit your beliefs and budget.

  • Selection of services:
  • Services of funeral director and staff; embalming; dressing; hairdresser.
  • Facilities for viewing; funeral ceremony; memorial service; graveside service.
  • Automobiles; vehicle to transfer deceased to funeral home; hearse; limousine.
  • Selection of merchandise:
  • Selection of casket; outer burial container; thank you card; register book; prayer cards; clothing; urn.
  • Special charges:
  • Forwarding or receiving deceased from another funeral home; immediate burial; direct cremation.
  • Cash advances:
  • Cemetery charges and equipment; clergy offering; flowers; newspaper obituary; certified death certificates; pallbearers.

As you can see, there are many parts to planning a funeral. We are experienced in guiding you through this process. If you have any question, please call us at any time.

Selecting a Cemetery Plot
It is recommended that a cemetery plot be purchased ahead of need. In the brief emotional period between death and burial, the family often purchases a plot without thinking about:

  • Location, nearby to make visiting easier.
  • Location, near the graves of other family members.
  • Cemetery restriction on monuments, outer burial vaults and grave decoration.

About Pre-paying
In many instances clients who pre-arrange a funeral will also wish to take care of pre-financing at the same time. State agencies control the requirements for pre-financing a funeral. You may choose to invest in a certificate of deposit at your local bank or an insurance policy that guarantees your investment.

About Wills
One of the more important aspects of drawing up a will is the appointing of an executor. Choose someone you thrust, who will use good sound judgment in her/his decision making. In many cases where no pre-arrangement has been done, the executor is responsible to plan the funeral and to ensure that the estate pays the expenses.